Here's a picture of a links I killed while hunting in the jungle. The links is a ferocious killing machine, and will attack you on sight, especially if you are dressed as a giant mouse. So if you happen to stumble upon one, kill it immediately.
Here's a terrifying scene of when my dad was savagely attacked by two linkses in our living room. He was just sitting there, watching football and eating nachos, when all of a sudden they ambushed him! He was lucky to survive, and even luckier that I was quick-minded enough to grab the camera and get this great picture!

The links is endangered, so the government won't let you kill them. But just between you and me, the government can't prosecute what it can't catch! So grab your camo and get hunting, because there's not that many left to kill!

Real Links

PArty of Five Wicked Plot Summaries by Spex Kowalski. This guy is a fucking genius.

Antonio Jose's Homepage

He's not there anymore because the feds made him take down his kiddie porn. But you can check out Mindless Jobs of America!

Pedro Jose's Homepage

Don't bitch at me 'cuz it sucks... I hear he's putting up some info on his new Dungeons & Dragons system. It's pretty cool, if he ever gets around to putting it up.

Esteban Jose's Homepage

almost cooler than mine! At least, it's better looking. He's not nearly as witty as I am, though.

Don Juan's Homepage

The most worldly of the Joses, Juan's page is not focused directly on crappy stuff like the rest of ours. He obviously had some help from PaRtYGiRl.


If you really want to call yourself Jose, you MUST download this game and play it nonstop! It's cheesy and old, but I think it's better than a lot of games out there now. Give it a try!

Fragile Porcelain Mice

From Belleville, Illinois. Their show Rocks all Ass! Proud sponsor of the Benito Jose Experience.