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Superpowers are relative
5/31/04 by oldestgenxer
So I am just as capable of being retarded as anyone. I now humbly submit to you NEW information that hopefully I wont forget, so that I can--oh crap,I think I forgot my logon name! But, okay, I remember my password, and I will write it down somewhere, and then you can tell me what my logon name w... MORE
Letters From an Old Guy, Vol. 2
5/20/04 by scott
My uncle Bryan sent me an email in which he channelled the spirit of Walter from the Big Lebowski giving the Dude directions on how to cut and paste. I've seen a lot of people that could use this information, so I've decided to post the contents of his email here as a public service announcement. Us... MORE
5/19/04 by drinknsmoke79
1. GET DRUNK 2. DRIVE HOME IT REALLY WORKS DAMMIT!! for best results spin around and go in backwards. also use a truck that you havn't made a payment on yet.... MORE
Seven Mary Three Triumphantly Returns... To Players Bar & Grill in Decatur Illinois
5/14/04 by scott
Members of the alternative rock group Seven Mary Three, now 'unencumbered' by the trappings of financial and commercial success, have announced that despite what you may have heard, they are still together. And just to prove that they can still rock like they always thought they could, they have... MORE
In Search of the True Meaning of Cinco de Mayo
5/5/04 by scott
Scott Powers
WD101 - Dr. Sbaitso

The True Meaning of Cinco de Mayo

by Scott Powers

For Dr. Sbaitso's WD101 Class

Intro to Western Civilizations


May 5, 2004

By Scott Powers
Crazy Videos Now On iTunes
4/29/04 by phil
Snap! The new iTunes* rules so much that if someone said "The new iTunes is not even cool at all," I would have to wittily retort, "I beg to disagree. The new iTunes is indeed quite enjoyable. AND it is entirely cool."

One new thing they've added for version 4.5 is that all of their vi... MORE


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