Stories I Tell...

If you know me, then you know I love to tell wacky stories via email (and you have probably heard these before.) But if you haven't had a cahnce to read these little gems, here it is!

I have a butt-load of email to sort through to find the good stuff, so the list will be kind of small at first.

The Germantown Musicians The greatest of them all!

Benito-No-Naki-Do-Koro Not nearly as good (or as long!)

The Untold Tragedy of Gerardo Jose Now Told after millions of years!

Movie Parodies and lots of lesbians! Witness as benito goes insane!

Star Whores The Classic, written by several Joses and marinated in our secret sauce!

The Empire Strokes Off The ill-fated, still-unfineshed sequel...

Crapunzel The classic fable retold in Jose style

Made for Email Movies

A story about St. Louis Radio This seriously pissed me off.

Choppin' Wood A story from my early years...

The Legend of ChachiAnother classic Japanese folk tale.