8/28/04 by drinknsmoke79

Dear lord, please send me a computer programmer or a random person that knows a little more than I do. I know I donít pray too often but try as I might I cant figure out how to put a space or a few blank lines in my webdisaster articles. Everybody else seems to know how. PLEASE!? I wouldnít ask you lord, but I have a really funny one that needs to be in a numbered, list form. I really donít think it will have the same effectiveness in a crammed together form. I know you sent scott to tell me that I should put a
tagline or something like that, but how smart do you think I am ? I have know idea what <
> is so please send help so I can try to entertain the poor webdisaster souls. Also lord please help this poor bastard that is looking for a game. Lord all he has is a faint childhood memory of it.>>>>>> FourthRedhead FourthRedhead@aol.com I have no info to give, I am looking for a game... I have no clue what the title of the game is, but I do know that it is a RPG, and you get 3 charactors, a girl and two guys, and you move around like you do in the Zelda games, and you attack like in the Zelda games. The main charactor has a sword, and the Girl, i forgot. You do not get the charactors in the first part of the game, but have to talk to them, and then they join you. I do remember one specific part, and that is in the town, in the middle of the intersection, a giant hole appears, and you end up fighting a giant creature to save another person who fell in the hole. does anyone know the title of this game? if they do email it to me at: FourthRedhead@aol.com Please i am desprate to find this game..... P.S. NINTENDO RULES! ESPECIALLY SUPER NINTENDO!!! lord please let this lost soul find his missing giant hole in the next intersection of his life. And make her look nice too. For him.