8/29/04 by drinknsmoke79

Now I realize that there may be a lot of Beavis and Butthead fans out there and I used to be one of you, but thanks to time life videos I now realize that it was not a good show. Now, before you shun me and say “ matt you bastard, how dare you say that about them?!” you have to listen to me.

Time life has opened my eyes to the fact that five years of beavis and butthead makes an excellent 90 second commercial. Talk about “roflmao” wow I almost spent 29.95 on the 3 videos or dvds. Then I thought to myself, I know what station this commercial is on.
I decided to get a tape ready and tape the commercial and then I can be roflmao all the way to the bank!

But then my problem started, no more commercials. So now I ask you, the web d crew to set up your old “V.C.R.s” and tape the commercial if you see it. I will pay for the tape (if you pay for shipping of course) and also write a flattering article about you on this website.

Now, I am not a wasteful person that is condoning the use of a whole tape for one 90 second commercial. So my solution is for you to tape over the beginning plot of one of your old porn movies. It should be something like “Cagney and Stacey” or “Karate kittens” as I enjoy some violence in my porn. Then you can electronic mail me for my address. After I receive the tape I will send 1.99 for the price of a blank tape. (its not my fault you left porn on it) Then comes the flattering article with you name all over it. It will be your choice w/ cuss words w/o cuss words
either way it will be all about you ,the new most popular member of this site!!

the commercial is on VH1 MTV and TBS please help.