I know no one cares and they're late as hell, but here are January's search strings

2/23/05 by scott

This continually amazes me. What search engine are these people using, and where is some of this stuff? I think someday I'll just make a big poster full of some of these disturbing images and see how many hits it gets.

star whores 10 hits
tuscola outlet mall 8 hits
sam fortune cookie company 3 hits
webdisaster 3 hits
star whores pics 2 hits
sylvirfaerie 2 hits
thirteeth step lyrics 2 hits
lions fucking 2 hits
who would win in a fight 2 hits
kick in the balls pictures 1 hits
rollitos 1 hits
jazzersize work out dvd 1 hits
cigarette alcohol comics figure 1 hits
lil romeo s chest 1 hits
godsmustbecrazy 1 hits
friend s mom 1 hits
crazy-sex-toy 1 hits
welcome to my submarine lair 1 hits
penis-shaped tower 1 hits
can i get maynard keenan s autograph 1 hits
by the way you have balls written on your face 1 hits
friend s mom s ass 1 hits
juliana hatfield lesbian 1 hits
gallopagus 1 hits
tips parking a car 1 hits
players bar illinois 1 hits
tanker trucks exploding 1 hits
onion ass 1 hits
ewanmcgregory 1 hits
princess whores 1 hits
jewel naked 1 hits
crasy fuck video 1 hits
juliana hatfield 1 hits
webdisaster.com 1 hits
gallopagus animals 1 hits
todd middendorf 1 hits
wear an apron at work 1 hits
screamville ice cream ville 1 hits
download who the hell s mr. flanders simpsons quote 1 hits
ricky schroeder & judith light movie 1 hits
teacher rape japan schoolgirls 1 hits
jet nick cester 1 hits
hateful dead 1 hits
slide slide slippity slide 1 hits
hero guy comics 1 hits
fox bias news 1 hits
masturbate in porno theater 1 hits
nick cester 1 hits
can cockroaches survive nuclear blasts 1 hits
scott powers 1 hits
chinese buddhist temple and michigan 1 hits
mst2k download 1 hits
mushingirl 1 hits