An en to all the rumors...

10/31/05 by mushingirl

Hello Disaster heads. I have heard some crazy rumors about my whereabouts since last March. There was the story I was writing for George Bush's staff, which made me laugh. There was also the rumor that aliens had hauled me off and flown my around the galaxy in some ship called the Heart of Gold. It was, in reality, a ship called Smiling Jack's Flying Temple of Astro Turf (a rough translation) but that is a different story

There were some other rumors too; Keri Jo has joined the Jehova's Whitnesses, she won the lottery and is holding out on everyone, she joined the professional softball team from Chicago, she started a one woman show off Broadway, she had fallen and can't get up. All are unture, however, I am here to tell you the simple truth.

Starting in March the not working I didn't do all last fall caught up with me. I found work for meager wages and have been digging myself out ever since. My employers finally noticed my ability to lead and promoted me, which is nice, so now I am able to do the nicer things in life like eat and pay for heat.

Soon, the sister site to the almighty WebDisaster, will be back online and more happy for it. There will be a redesign, because I can (and also to push the bar up a little for Scooter, who needs the prodding sometimes) which will be up by the end of November.

OGX, I miss you kid. Racheal, thank you for getting me in touch with my old friend Jay T. Scooter, thank you too for the role you played in that chain of information flow. I hope everything is going better than when last we spoke.

Anyway, there will be fiction and non-fiction (I have divigated back to the website), the forum will be back in play, artwork, comics, links and I don't know what else. There will be high speed internet at casa del Keri and more frequent visits to the Disaster. I appologize in advance to those whom that might make cringe.

On a final note, during the neo-schitzo post, there is some anime out there everyone should see. Ah My Goddess, the movie, for those who like spiritual meets technical in an imagery sense. The story is taylored for girls, but the visuals are something boys will like too. Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex, an incredible episodic adventure. Watch at least the first six before you give up on it. The main story arc is slow to build, but comes around full circle in a big way with visuals that will make your socks go up and down. Lain, which I have touted numerous times before, is still possibly the best episodic anime out there not counting Cowboy Bebop.

I feel as if there is so much more to say, but there is no way to capture my chaotic train of thought right now. You will all have to jump on at the next stop.

Anyway, I miss you all, and I will be back online in full force soon. In the mean time, be good if it suits you, be silly if you can, and above all els, just be.

Love, hugs and big ole smiles

Keri Jo