The Real World (Not MTV's)

12/4/05 by oldestgenxer

I have been posting a lot of articles on my blog, and I have had several revelations. Many of them I have posted there, in fact.
But ironically, the one I have been developing in my mind recently, I chose to bring to the master of Webdisaster, DJ Jazzy Young Scott fiddy cent. Yo.
Sorry, totally off topic. My point is about the blog universe, the blogsphere. I can not only post my own, but also see recently updated blogs, and the opportunity to visit them. I have read many different ones. Of course, the majority of them are not even in English. I thought that was the universal language of the internet. Isn't that what Al Gore promised us?
Then, most of the ones in English are by 12-14 year old girls. Not really a pedaphile. But they are just the same crap--how much they love a boy one day, how much they hate him the next. I give them the benefit of the doubt, and realize they are still developing personalities.
So then, after you wade through those, you find a few gems. Like mine. Uh, I mean, like some of the ones I've found. Some dont even have a written blog, they are just a place people put their pictures online. So you really have to look through them. I found a young lady in Lithuania who is a fabulous artist and poet. An interesting med student in New Jersey. A few people throughout the land, spilling their creative hearts out onto the blogsphere.
And it reminded me of a time, in the distant past--about 1978, when, during the height of the CB craze--remember those? We had one in every car, a base station in the house, illegal amplifiers and giant antennae on the house. With modification to the base unit, we had additional channels, near and into the Ham radio frequencies, and we were able to talk to people all over the world. We received postcards confirming all the different people we talked to, in Canada, New England, Australia, England, California. My dad would be up early in the morning, sitting in his underwear, drinking coffee, and listening to the CB, occassionally changing channels--surfing--and listening to people chatter about things.
Sound familiar? Do you see the correlation I'm trying to make here? That's my whole point. I was a part of it then, and I guess I am a part of it now.
Other similarities? Know what a "handle" is? Think of it as a user name. People everywhere, want to make some kind of connection to other people. I'm just trying to help that, because, after all, I am a unifying force in the world. I have seen pictures of people and their friends, all over the world. Pictures of a kid's horse in Montana. A birthday party in Argentina. Friends gathered before a prom in Georgia. A girl from Canada's vacation pictures from Belgium. I feel a part of the whole of humanity.

We ARE the world. God bless us, everyone.