Game Misconduct 2006

1/20/06 by phil

The Low-Down

Who: The first sixteen applicants

What: Game Misconduct 2006

When: Saturday, March 11th at 2:00 p.m.

Where: B. Rock Arena, Du Bois IL

Cost: $10 (to cover for snacks & prizes

Suggested attire: Hockey jerseys, of course. And your Best T-Shirt (see below). Ice skates prohibited in the Arena. Red Wings jerseys also prohibited.

Suggested beers: Molson, Labatt's, Bud Ice or Bud Light (only because they're the "official" beer. Use only as a last resort).


Noon: Arrive early for snacks (possible grill-out?), and also some practice getting used to the game.

2pm: First-round faceoff.

7pm(ish): Stanley Cup Final

Rules of Engagement

Game Misconduct 2006 is the third event of its kind. Therefore it will have some rough edges that can be worked out for future Game Misconducts. However it is sure to be a good time. Here's the general idea of how this will go down:

  • Players will draw numbers out of a hat. 1 gets first pick and last seed. 2 gets second pick and next-to-last seed. Players with highest seed (last pick) get the preference for first round byes.
  • All 8 human players will face off against computer-controlled first-round opponents.
  • NHL 2K6 (by 2K6 Sports) for Playstation 2 will be the game used this year. You can purchase it for $20 new. Additionally, you can play it online with a broadband connection. (*hint hint, I'd like to play against anyone!)
  • The game settings will be 5 minute periods, level 3 out of 5 difficulty (Pro), offsides on, icing on, fighting on, penalties at 50%, and fighting at 33%. Basically the idea is to make the game as much like real hockey as possible, but allowing some big hits.
  • Each series will be decided by a single game.
  • Gambling is allowed.
About the entry fee: the way I figure it, $10 a piece will provide for some snacks and a few prizes. Maybe we'll have a pot for the winner. Anyway, how the money will get spent is still up in the air and open to debate. We can discuss this via email.

Other points of interest

We will be having a Best T-Shirt contest. This consists of purchasing a blank t-shirt, then using any artistic methods available (permanent marker, ink, computer iron-on) to make a commemorative T-Shirt for this event. You can wear it, or you can bring it to trade with someone else's Best T-shirt. Prizes are yet to be determined, but a winning design could quite possibly be printed on next year's official tees! So be creative!

Props to Scott for the excellent event title.

Email or call me if you have any pressing questions. More news and insight can be found here at in the coming days.