Dude, Did You See Me Kicking Ass in the Pit?

2/17/04 by scott

Check this shit out, dude! You see that? That's where some bitch-ass punk scratched me in the eye while I was in the pit at the Hangar last Friday. Of course, he messed with the wrong dude, because I had my posse in there with me and we messed him up real good after he pulled this shit. Then, as he was crawling back towards the tables, my brother kicked him in the ribs a couple times for good measure and then threw his wheelchair at him.

Dude, it was awesome. Hateful Dead kicked some serious ass as usual. They rocked so much that Josh's bass strap was all like 'Whoa, dude! I can't handle this much rockification!' and kept detaching itself. Josh's bass strap is a wuss, but I kicked its ass later in the pit.

Then Fragile came out, and aww, shit dude! It was like Mississippi Nights circa 1996 all over again when I stormed into the pit and showed everyone who's boss by bouncing off of every single person in there like a metal ball in a pinball machine. Plus, with Adam, Todd, and Brock in there too, we united to form the Rockizord, the giant evil robot of rock that lays waste to all the pansy disposable ninjas in the pit. We ruled.

Uh... anyway, Fragile rules. Beforehand I was scared because I thought that perhaps they may have lost some of their awesome rock juggernautability after five years, but they treated the hangar like their bitch. Scott was all screaming into his megaphone, and Dave was like, well, FRAGILE RULES! WOO-HOO!

I can't even begin to decribe how much ass that show kicked. Especially since I probably got a concussion from all the time I spent in the pit. Rocking. There were even dudes in wheelchairs trying to get in there, but we showed them who was boss. And I like, elbowed this dude that looked like Larry Kehoe in the face and made his lip bleed. He was all like, 'Fuck, dude! My lip's gushing blood! I want my mommy!'

Yeah. My shirt was like, soaked in sweat. But then I got a Hateful Dead t-shirt to replace it, so it was all good. And then NIL8 rocked. And there was more moshing.

I'm sorry this article is a little disjointed, but you'll have to forgive me. My brain's a little addled from all of the asskicking I did this weekend. In the Pit.