Scott Gains A Level!

12/11/03 by scott

After his valiant struggle with Internet Explorer today, Scott Powers earned 135 EXP, pushing him up to level 2. Officials are quick to point out that there was no clear victor in the battle, as Internet Explorer held the advantage through most of the encounter. However, since Powers had learned enough CSS to drive off the dreaded browser temporarily, he was awarded enough EXP to reach the level of semi-proficient webmaster. Experts say that even though the fledgling webmaster faltered a bit at first, he came through like a champ in the end. This is sure to be the first of many battles between this new webmaster and the veteran browser. Internet Explorer commented, "This is far from over. Just because he learned how to do some font formatting with CSS doesn't mean anything. Just wait until I start letting malformed php injections take over his site." Powers was unavailable for comment, but his spokesman said, "He sure picked a bad time to quit smoking."