4/20/04 by drinknsmoke79

As I look for reasons to live, I find myself looking toward music. And boy have I found a new reason my friends! One word –JET! As Chris and Nick Cester rock away with the rest of there high profile members I find myself thinking back to the days of hard rocking bands like AC/DC and Warrant! I know what your thinking, matt you’re crazy ,nobody can compete with bands of that caliber, and I say “look, somebody’s gotta fill their shoes! Who else? That little backstreet boy? You gotta be kidding! Their presumably good dancing , and their psychedelic cover art are both reasons I feel like I should probably like this band. I also fell in love with “cold hard bitch.” What other song talks about the plight of the inner city with such disregard for authority? None ! I’m not even really sure what the song is really about except rocking!! Most of the other songs I probably wont like until I hear them on the radio a few times ,or I accidentally forget to stop the cd a bunch of times and I get hooked on the next song. Or maybe ill hear one blaring from a cool looking car and then ill like it. I can picture it now- a brand new Trans-Am with two raven hared high school seniors passing by Caseys while im filling up on petrol. They are probably listening to “Get What You Need” and maybe a little drunk. The volume will be pumped, and I will forever love the song. One of them looked like a scrub (a scrub is a guy , hangin from the passenger side of his best friends ride tryin to holla at me) but he works hard down at the mill. Hey whats the deal with this? Regular and super cost the same? Only at Caseys! My main point is I wont really know what I like until somebody tells me what they like first. Then I can disagree or agree based on my opinion of them. All I know is that there is one question left to be answered. ARE YOU GONNA BE MY GIRL?