Application for the League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

6/20/04 by mushingirl

After reading the post by the oldestgenxer concerning his super powers (making 13 lucky readers thank you - hey, it's 5 more than see my site, congratulations Scott) I am inspired to share my super powers. I would also like to change the name of the League or Ordinary Gentlement to the more PC League of Ordinary People or LOP. I too have recently discovered my super powers. My theory is that this new awakening of powers has been somehow triggered by the world broadcast premier of Zoolander on TBS. The oldestgenxer must have seen this film in the theatre to be awakened so early. My power is not nearly as useful as Clean Traction Man, but I would still be useful, I think. This power was revealed to me while updating my website (insert shameless plug here) this weekend. I will give you all a moment to sit down before I spring my power on you. I have the uncanny ability to type, chew gum, smoke (35 seconds since my last cigarette), answer my cell phone and, with the help of my trusty ibook, walk to the bathroom ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I know, impressive. Bad habbits, slavery to technology and calls of nature aside, it is just this type of mundane multi-tasking which would make me the perfect giant robot pilot in our planet's near future. Until there is a need for a qualified multi-tasking Mech pilot, I am a perfect candidate for the LOP. Think of it while the oldestgenxer cleaned the floors ahead of me for my safety I could be typing, chewing, smoking (almost time for another one), talking on the phone and walking all at the same time, for the safety of our nation and our world. Better suited powers for team work do not exist. So think of me oldestgenxer when you are compiling the list for members of the LOP. And when you finally realize I can at least double the potential good provided by your floor cleaning stides, drop me a e-mail. I will keep an eye out for other members as I chew, smoke, etc. Now for another cigarette. Excelsior