6/22/04 by drinknsmoke79

I hope im not the only one to notice the explosion of articles in the past few days. I must say i am very stoked about the enthusiasm of my fellow disasterheads! However i hope that this isnt a premature climax of creativity following the barren wasteland that was known as early june. So,i am giving everyone fair warning that this golden age may come to an end if the current members do not pitch in during the hard times as well as the good. I am formally asking the webmaster to lessen the pressure for quality work and also open up his reserves to spill some rap for us,his loyal followers so that I and the other members con skip some articles so that when there is another lul in the action we will have something to read. On another note, I need to thank you mushroom girl for pointing out my mistakes in front of almost 15 people! It made me feel wonderfull to find out that batman has no powers in front of the entire WEDI (WEBDISASTER) community. I wonder if you were smoking or possibly even urinating while you pointed that out. I GUESS ITS JUST ANOTHER DAY FOR MULTITASKING GIRL! IM OUT