Um, I like breakfast grains...

6/23/04 by mushingirl

As with any super hero, or ordinary person, as the case may be, I too have a weakness.
It isn't chartreuse kryptonite or the color yellow or even fruity smells. No, I have found that my multitasking is immediatly halted (wihtout a saving throw) with the presence of one simple sight.
Let me explain. I was in full on multi-mode, eating nachos, tying my shoes, talking to my friend Mellissa and of course, smoking. Out of no where, or more specifically, out of a dark blue SUV, steps a tall, wide, well tanned and well cut guy.
All systems shut down.
It was embarrassing. Nacho cheese everywhere, shoelaces in knots, a studder mid-sentence. I lost everything but the cigarette (priorities) just to get a glimpse of this Adonis pulling a shirt over his beautiful bronzed chest.
I get shivers just thinking about it. I highly encourage you arch villains out there to retain some of these Greek gods as your willing thralls, especially if they like to flirt with tall, dinging blonde girls.
Now, it is off to the kitchen where I shall grill a cheese sandwich, boil water, listen to the radio, chew gum and of course, smoke.
I'm out.