6/26/04 by oldestgenxer

Okay---and no one else.
Well, we could be a diadic duo, if nothing else.

I realize that some of you may need some time to discover your super power, or you may be waiting around a nuclear power plant for an industrial accident to bestow upon you some power. But be forewarned: Superpowers which come from nuclear accidents often times lead to acne, headaches, and nausea.
It may be just as well. I'm guessing that Scott's attention span is rivalled only by my own in its--uh
I forgot what I was talking about.
oh, yeah. Any way, if you do proceed, aside from traction, and clean footsteps, the whole thing that started this was my good health. Don't forget that, because it is entirely useless. My archnemisis, however, is anyone who lives higher than two floors up, with no elevator. (because of the knees, remember?)

On another, completely unrelated subject, I would like to rant about microsoft Internet explorer and give my highest recommendation to MOZILLA. Internet Explorer users (hereafter refered to as "the damned") often feel they have no choice in what browser to use. Let's face it, most users don't know what a browser is, and cant get online without cutting themselves. The Big E (does it stand for "evil"?) is like a lint brush. It traverses the internet, picking up shit, and bringing it back for your re-formatting pleasure. The Big E is a whore--it lets anyone in, and lets them do anything to it, and when they are done, it smokes a cigarette. The Big E is like a mall security guard. It has a really shitty job, and does it horribly, and brags about things that it has never done and will never do.
To be fair, Im using 5.5, probably. Upgrading to 6 doesnt appeal to me, for the same reason I dont want the latest Ford Pinto. It is still a pinto.

So I tried mozilla on the recommendation from , oddly enough, a guy I know who works security at a mall. At first I thought it was like him--all talk. But Mozilla highly rocks. This is how much it rocks: I had a popup blocker, configured for IE. I never changed it to work for mozilla. But no popups. I figured, oh, might as well disconnect it. Then I started to get pop-ups--In IE, while using Mozilla. So I turned it back on, because I am not tech enough to dismantle IE and keep my OS intact. So even if I am not using IE, I will get popups with it, like a crappy surprise in the cereal box that I opened on accident, looking for the COCO-puffs.
I could tell you more about Mozilla, but you either already know, or what I would tell you would be misleading. But check it out. It is open source, highly configurable, multi-adaptable, and just using it makes me feel cool. Mozilla--it's good for the soul.

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