Go See Fahrenheit 9/11

6/27/04 by scott

Kim and I went and saw F-9/11 at the Avon Theater tonight. I don't think I'm going to write a review or anything, because I don't think I can do it justice. But I do want to encourage everyone I can to go see it.

I was originally questioning whether or not it would be any good, since while I share a lot of Michael Moore's beliefs, I don't agree with some of the tactics he employs, especially when he ambushed Charleton Heston at the end of Bowling for Columbine. I was afraid that Moore might be a little too self righteous to make a decent movie about the whole Iraq situation, but he did a surprisingly good job. It gets a little sappy at times, but it's a subject that deserves getting sappy about, and for the most part, Moore stays out of the picture and just lets the facts play out themselves. No matter what you believe politically, this movie at least should serve as a springboard for debate. So go see it now.

I'll be cashing my Michael Moore paycheck now...