The Scorpions must be in town, because there's a wind of change a-blowin'

7/9/04 by scott

I've gotten a few comments lately that webdisaster is starting to not make any sense to people. As one person put it, the recent flurry of short articles where users post back and forth to each other 'makes the site look like a big Instant Messenger window'.

I don't want to discourage anyone from posting, because I think some of the posts are very entertaining, but these people are right. The article system is not really conducive to short posts and replies. That fact, in conjunction with my new interactive comic idea, has prompted me to do a redesign of the site to make it look more like a disaster. Among the changes will be a new look, the aforementioned interactive comic book, a messageboard, and hopefully a comic strip that will be updated fairly frequently.

The messageboard, in its infant stages at this point, is now set up and is available from the 'Message Board' link in the left nav bar. Go ahead an check it out. It's nothing special, really, just a prepackaged Invision Power Board with a custom header. But there has been some talk about combining the boards with a couple of other sites to add a pretty good variety of users, although I have yet to figure out how that will work.

The messageboard does not use your current webdisaster username and password, although you are more than welcome to sign up for it using your current username and password so you only have to remember one set. So go check it out and let me know what you think.

Also, there will be some drastic changes to the look of the site in the coming weeks, but the functionality should still stay the same. So don't be surprised if you check it out one day and it looks completely different. I hope it will all work out so it's actually a better site, but it may turn out to be a real disaster instead of a fake one. If that's the case, don't be afraid to tell me that my changes suck. I probably won't change it back for you, but I will make it a point to ridicule you and your mother publicly. That's the webdisaster guarantee!