Creature of habit...

7/11/04 by mushingirl

Ok, so I know Scott and I have been bouncing ideas back and forth all week long and I see his point to adding the message board. I am, however, also going to break the new rules before I go set up my usership on the new board.
I find my self in complete agreement with genxer on the t-shirt issue. I want a great big giant webdisaster t-shirt to use as a nightgown or something.
Over at (shameless plug section, be advised) I have put up a message board as well. It is not live to all users yet, but it will be soon. The idea Scott and I have been kicking around is setting up the boards to they access a shared database. This may be more difficult than we originally envisioned, but the over all idea would be if someone posted here, it would show up on my board too, and visa versa (that's french-hehe).
If we are successful in this database integration we will combine the force of the disaster and it's 15 users with the growing fury of mushin and it's 9 users. That would give us a grand total of...well, a lot more than we have (note to self, buy a calculator).
Now the mad props: Scott, you own. The sisterhood of my site has done exactly what I had hoped. It has inspired us to push our separate sites beyond what they would have been if the other did not exsist. In the process it has brought us both hours of frustration and made us candidates for carple tunnel leave. I for one, am extremely happy about this relationship. So, keep up the good (over) work.

-The dingy blonde girl in the back.