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Latest News: 9/17/09-11:49pm - In case you were wondering, part of the reason I haven't posted in a while is that I'm converting webdisaster over to WordPress. My goal is to have it show up pretty much the same as it does now, only it will add some features that people have been requesting, like comments, searches, and RSS feeds. In addition, it will make posting easier for me and hopefully lead to a more organized site. I'm getting pretty close to having it done, and I hope to finish that process over the weekend.

In addition, my friend and co-worker Andy Erickson has decided to do a 365 day art blog. (You can see it here. In solidarity and for some sweet cross-promotion, I will be following suit with my own '15 minute sketch-a-day' blog. I plan on starting it tomorrow, September 18, which is also coincidentally my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday Matt! I may not get the site converted in time to post them right off the bat, but once I get the site up I'll post them retroactively.


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