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9/17/09-11:49pm - In case you were wondering, part of the reason I haven't posted in a while is that I'm converting webdisaster over to WordPress. My goal is to have it show up pretty much the same as it does now, only it will add some features that people have been requesting, like comments, searches, and RSS feeds. In addition, it will make posting easier for me and hopefully lead to a more organized site. I'm getting pretty close to having it done, and I hope to finish that process over the weekend.

In addition, my friend and co-worker Andy Erickson has decided to do a 365 day art blog. (You can see it here. In solidarity and for some sweet cross-promotion, I will be following suit with my own '15 minute sketch-a-day' blog. I plan on starting it tomorrow, September 18, which is also coincidentally my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday Matt! I may not get the site converted in time to post them right off the bat, but once I get the site up I'll post them retroactively.

8/21/09-12:34am - These comics are getting taller and taller, so I moved this news feed to the top of the page. If you haven't done so already, check out the Illustration section. There's some relatively new stuff in there.

8/11/09-10:05pm - New stuff posted in the Illustration section. New main coming soon, I promise!

6/24/09-7:01pm - It only took me a little over a year to reach 50 comics! Go Speed Racer Go! I seem to be on a zombie kick lately, and mixing zombies and babies seems to be a natural progression for me... Turned out a little creepier than I envisioned, though.

Also, when you get a chance, check out Hugh Sullivan's blog. When he gets that zombie video that I did the storyboards for done, he'll post it there.

6/12/09-1:04am - The sketchbook and illustration sections have been recently updated, so if you haven't checked them out, do so!

6/8/09-11:11pm - Still no new comic, but that's because I've been very busy working on two large projects for some friends. You can see them both in the Illustration section.

One is an eight page comic adaption of a story one of Kim's students wrote. I think it turned out awesome, and he was really excited to show it off once it was done. The other is a storyboard for a zombie movie my friend Hugh is working on. I think they turned out pretty well too. So go check them out!

I think I've had enough big projects for a while, so I'll probably do another strip this week or over the weekend. Sorry I've been updating so irregularly, but I'm trying to branch out and find my voice, you know?

5/2/09-10:52pm - True Story: A while back, I started messing around on a really awesome site I believe I've mentioned before called Broken Picture Telephone. Early on, BPT had some server issues, so I contributed some money to the administrator, Alishah Novin, so he could make improvements.

Then this week I participated in a walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and midway through the week I was only halfway to my $100 fundraising goal. So I posted on Facebook that if I reached my goal I would post a comic on Saturday. I was half joking, but later on that day Alishah contributed the remaining money I needed to reach my goal.

Karma rules! Thanks a bunch Alishah! Hopefully some kids with diabetes will benefit, and this will kickstart me out of this horrible slump I've been in...

Oh, and also check out the Sketchbook section for some new stuff. I really have been drawing a lot lately, I've just been filtering at the same speed.

4/19/09-9:00pm - Jesus H. Crappin' Christ on a pogo stick. As you're probably well aware, it's been over a month since I posted my last comic. I know I've got a lot going on with a new baby and a fairly demanding job, etc. But I should at least be able to knock out a comic every week or two, right? Well, I've been working on a few ideas for a couple of weeks now and none of them have panned out for one reason or another. Turns out that when you write anecdotes from your life and you have writer's block, eventually all you can think of to write about is writer's block.

So today I set aside the whole day to get something completed and posted. After drawing almost all day and starting over a few hundred times, I still ended up with nothing very good. So I'm posting this drawing just to get something posted and hopefully put this nastiness behind me. It's kind of the same premise as this fish comic, just to get things moving.

In the meantime, you can find a bunch of sketches of the stuff I've been working on in the Sketchbook section. Take a look and see what I've been wrestling with.

3/8/09-9:32pm - Broken Picture Telephone is back! If you haven't seen it, go check it out now. Also check out all my games from here.

3/3/09-11:30pm - This one's like a magic eye picture. If you stare long enough at it, it will become funny. To me. That you wasted your time staring at it. Honestly, I'm having trouble coming up with punch lines, but I want to stay in practice drawing. Not sure where this came from.

2/24/09-9:53pm - For 72 hours or so, I was completely hooked on the greatest website ever. And now it's gone. Come back Broken Picture Telephone! Come Back!

2/10/09-7:16pm - Thanks to Scott Kastner at work for finally digging up the name of the Star Wars character I referenced in this comic. His name is Ten Numb, and he's a Sullistan. The reason I couldn't find him was because I thought he was in a New Hope, when he didn't actually appear until Jedi. Who Knew?! Now I'll promptly forget all about that and move on with my life.

In case you're curious, though, someone's got the entire roster of the Rebel Alliance before they attack the second Death Star diagrammed out here.

1/18/09-1:45pm - Okay, ever since I posted this comic, the fact that I don't know the name of the Star Wars character to which I'm referring is driving me nuts. You know, it's that guy in A New Hope that's like a rebel alliance captain or something, along with Admiral Ackbar? He's got little beady eyes and grey skin and like gill cheeks? If you know what his name is, email me at and tell me who it is. I can't seem to find the correct Google search string to figure this one out.

1/13/09-12:44am - This is the first of a four-strip recap of the night/morning Emily was born. The other three strips are sketched out and should be up later this week.

12/29/08-11:32pm - No baby yet, but when we have her, I imagine it will be something like this.

12/6/08-8:12pm - I've been totally addicted to Facebook's Graffiti application, which allows you to draw crappy little pictures and send them to people. I've started collecting them and you can see them here. Make sure to click the 'Previous' button, there are a few in there already.

12/2/08-3:06am - This one is from a suggestion my brother made on webdisaster's Facebook page. "I think you should draw a comic about a zebra. And the punch-line should be 'that's not the way I would have done it'". Also my niece Maddie wanted me to draw some monkeys. So here you go.
If you want to make a suggestion, send me an email at or just click my name at the bottom of the page (by the copyright symbol). Alternatively, you can take a gander at the webdisaster facebook page, where you'll also catch some wicked graffiti happening.

11/27/08-12:30am - Okay, hard to argue that this one isn't about my job. No offense Job, but you're no full time cartooning gig. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

11/25/08-1:39am - My comics get misinterpreted sometimes since I'm a such a great communicator. For example, after I posted this comic, I had a lot of people telling me to "hang in there" and "don't let them get you down" and such. Obviously people took it as me ranting that I hate my job or something, when in reality it was supposed to be an ironic look at how I could have picked almost anything as my life's work and I picked salvaging PowerPoint presentations. Not exactly slapstick, I know, but still funny in a larger sense to me.

So after posting this comic, I felt I should explain a bit before I get people writing in to ask why I don't think my family and friends are important enough to warrant a spot in my life story. I was reading a David Foster Wallace article on why Kafka is funny the other day, and there's a line in there where Wallace summarizes that Kafka's funny because ultimately man's struggle to define his self results in a self that is indistiguishable from that struggle. Reading that passage sort of struck me in a satori kind of way, like a paradigm shift. I realized that what was holding me back from creating my life's story was the fact that I had always been trying to figure out how to tell it. Ultimately the only story I would be capable of telling is the story of me attempting and failing to tell it, which would be colossally boring. That paradox is funny to me (so apparently I should start reading Kafka!)

Anyway, if you get it, great. If you don't, know that I love my beautiful wife, our unborn child, the rest of my family and my friends more than anything and no one-sentence summarization of my life would be complete without their inclusion.

11/24/08-12:03pm - T-Minus one month or so until B-day!

11/11/08-11:20pm - Webdisaster has finally hit 25 comics! It's a miracle! They're so consistent, too. =)

10/25/08-2:41pm - Todd Snider's new Album 'Peace Queer' is available for free download on his website at Thanks to my buddy Steve Crosby for pointing this out. Go download it now while you still can! Also, if you're into free music, you should go download Aimee Mann's daytrotter sessions, especially 'Freeway' and '31 Today'. Every time I hear those two songs, it does something funny to me. In my pants. Click Here to go there now.

10/16/08-1:16pm - Sorry no new comics in a while. I did another daytrotter poster this week though. You can see it here.

10/7/08-12:47am - I'm really hoping McCain mentions illegal aliens in the next debate...

9/28/08-10:50pm - On Friday, I got hammered and watched the presidential debates with my sketchbook and pencil in hand. I drew 10 pages in all, and you can see them starting here.

9/17/08-11:40pm - I added an 'illustration' section, as well as this 'news' thing to keep you posted. Last week I started talking to Sean Moeller, the guy who runs If you haven't been to daytrotter, bookmark it and make it a habit to check it out daily. Plus go back through the archives. They have a lot of cool-ass bands that come through Rock Island and record a few songs, and you can get them for FREE. Death Cab, Phantom Planet, The Mountain Goats, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead all happen to be personal favorites of mine and they all have free songs available on daytrotter. Anyway, he asked if I would do a poster for the Donkeys show tonight, and I did. You can see it in the 'illustration' section. I hope to be doing more illustrations and helping to get the word out about about local shows and other things I care about. Maybe...

Also, you should check out The Donkeys and Chrash. The Donkeys were super cool and laid back gentlemen. I didn't talk to the guys in Chrash, but they seemed pretty cool as well.


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