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Older Comics

Some of these cartoons contain material that is not safe for work.


Dragon Ass
Dragon Ass appeared as three episodes in Grandpa's Lap, a comics anthology 'zine I produced in Carbondale. I had big plans to re-vamp the series and make it into a sprawling epic, and you can see some of those ideas in the sketches section. Other than the name, this one's pretty safe.

Random Samurai Story
Random Samurai Story appeared in Grandpa's Lap as well. I flew without a net on this one, drawing in ink with little to no layout or sketching. I think the results turned out pretty good. As usual I had bigger plans for this series but it stopped here. Nudity and lots of bloody violence.

Miscellaneous stuff, some published in Grandpa's Lap, some unpublished. Nothing offensive here except some unjustified shots at my dad. Sorry, Dad.

The Sledgehammer
Based on a true story. The first comic book I ever inked. Nothing offensive here.

Anxiety Scrapbook
Most of these appeared in Grandpa's Lap. The idea was to take some of my most traumatic times and reduce them down to one panel. As usual, it sort of trails off into the land of unfinished projects... Nudity and drug use.

King Shit
Never before published, and pretty much unseen by anyone but myself. I never got through the inking process, but it's a pretty good little self-contained story, if you don't mind the potty humor. Other than the name, this one's pretty safe.

Stupidity Force
This is the first comic series I ever drew, I think I started it in fifth grade or so. It's based off of my brother and some of our friends being super heroes, and me and my friend John being evil drug dealing ninjas. There are a whole lot of these issues, and it will take me a while to get them all in here. About as inoffensive as a fifth grader can be, unless you find horrible plots offensive. =)

Lil' Ninja
A flash cartoon that me and my buddy Todd wrote and I never finished. My father-in-law watched this a million times, hoping that there would be more. He was very dissapointed. Maybe someday I'll make him proud and add another couple of seconds.


© Scott Powers