Pictured: Benito, Antonio, Pedro, and El Chica Aye-Aye face off against Sanchez and his henchmen.

The Story of the Eight Immortal Warriors...

It is said in legends passed down from generation to generation that since the beginning of time, there have existed a rare breed of warriors, specially trained and sent by the alliance to bring back Voltron, defender of the...
Wait. Umm... I mean the warriors were specially trained to defend the helpless citizens of planet Arus from the evil Sanchez. These warriors became known as JOSE. They all rose up in the ancient tournament to defeat the vile threat of Sanchez and made the world happy and cheerful again. For Years, planet Anus has existed in peace. But now, Sanchez once again rises from his slumber to threaten the hapless denizens of planet Avis. And again, the eternal warriors rise up to the challenge...

Choose Your Fighter
Don Juan de Jose
El Phantasmo
Other Joses are rumored to exist, but have not been officially confirmed because the Joses seem to have lost the rules for initiation to the clan.

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