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Spiritual Paths

1/21/06 by Racheal

Now, I just want to preface this with the fact that I am not proselytizing or anything. THis might not even be the correct forum. I just felt like sharing today.

Some people who know me would never believe that ... MORE

Game Misconduct 2006

1/20/06 by phil

The Low-Down

Who: The first sixteen applicants

What: Game Misconduct 2006

When: Saturday, March 11th at 2:00 p.m.

Where: B. Rock Arena, Du Bois IL

Cost: $10 (to cover for snacks & prizes

Suggested attire: Hockey jerseys, of cou... MORE

I got nothin'...

1/11/06 by scott


Now, all I need is some content...... MORE

The Real World (Not MTV's)

12/4/05 by oldestgenxer

I have been posting a lot of articles on my blog, and I have had several revelations. Many of them I have posted there, in fact.
But ironically, the one I have been developing in my mind recently, I chose to bring to the master of Webdisaster, DJ Jazzy Young Scott fiddy cent. Yo.
Sorry, to... MORE

An en to all the rumors...

10/31/05 by mushingirl

Hello Disaster heads. I have heard some crazy rumors about my whereabouts since last March. There was the story I was writing for George Bush's staff, which made me laugh. There was also the rumor that aliens had hauled me off and flown my around the galaxy in some ship called the Heart of Gold. ... MORE

Fraudstar Commercial

10/26/05 by oldestgenxer

This is a script I just wrote. Since I have Christmas and Thanksgiving themed stuff, I figured I should go ahead and add something for Halloween.


you know what? That is six freakin pages that I would have to add html tags to, and I just dont have it in me... MORE